Sunday, 27 September 2009

Merchant City Festival Glasgow September 2009

This was the fantastic and incredibly energetic Carnival Collective from Brighton. The conductor had a bit too much energy!
And here are their brass section.

Daniel is 12 but he was born 70. He covered his ears with his 2 hoods, one hat and 2 hands. "No need to play that loudly" he told us!

The unveiling of a statue to a man who spent only 90 mins in Glasgow. Therefore the statue was only stayin for 90 mins too :-) This was the cooncillor and celeb. Very entertaining.

And this was the member of the press pack. He said I added a bit of glamour to the occasion so I kinda liked him :-)

Ian Smith the "Hurty Gurty Man" with his deeply depressing songs and a plague-ridden monkey!

This boomerang put a smile on Dan's face.

The Kings of Macumba were great - and I spotted Kelly-Marie from River City in the crowd (you can just about make her out in the background of the photo of Daniel above).

How things have changed. I couldn't help but laugh to myself that this punk band had a bunch of toddlers dancing to them. I remember when punk was "bad"!

To find out why this guy's stripping off you'll have to look at the post below!

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