Friday, 30 January 2009

Au revoir a le peugeot vivant!

So that's it, I've said cheerio to my car. Here it is awaiting its operation - that's all supposing a transplant becomes available. So how much do you reckon I got for it in the end? I mean this is a car with only 80,000 miles on the clock - not too bad.

We've been through so much together me and this car (no, it doesn't have a sex or a name - I'm not that sad!). If you look carefully you can see the bullet wound from when we were shot at by a airgun wielding nutter in Milton in Glasgow.

How much were all the scrapes we've been through together worth? (This one, a friend said 'park at the side of my house' and I did! It was narrow, there were bushes and sadly for me the bushes were covering a low wall!!)

Yes, indeed, twenty quid was all I got for my poor wee car. Was I ripped off? Probably but seeing as I can't fix engines, timing belts, or any of the numerous other things that was wrong with it, what could I do? At least I've got a deposit for my next car now :-)

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