Thursday, 26 June 2008


Tonnes of fun in The TUN!

It was end of term drinks for the SNP parly staff last night and first time I've seen loads of people since January so was great to catch up. Here I am with James Wilson.
Here with the lovely Karen Newton.

The cheeky Ian Fraser!

The hero without whom the SNP would not have won the election - it's a long story and this is Dave Thompson MSP.

West of Scotland MSP Bill Wilson!

Scottish Parliament Reception for Challenges Worldwide

This was the charity that sent me out to Sri Lanka and the reception was to celebrate the successful completion of the Scottish Government funded Sri Lanka programme.
Pic 1 - me with Henry Hill and Karen Chambers, fellow volunteers.
Pic 2 - Edinburgh at night.
Pic 3 - Henry showing his culinary talents.
Pic 4 - me with Aileen Campbell, the MSP who hosted the event.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Campaigning in South Side of Glasgow

The BBQ / Garden Party - Gimme Shelter

"You don't need a brolly" someone said to me as it poured down at Jo Docherty's Annual BBQ on behalf of Glasgow South SNP. It was someone who doesn't own a pair of GHDs!! I love the great outdoors as much as anyone but not when it messes with my hair!

The BBQ / Garden Party - gimme shelter 2

The Party President Ian Hudghton MEP finds shelter from the pouring rain along with Niamh and Lachie - funnily enough they didn't mind spending time in the BAR!!

The BBQ / Garden Party - with Starsky

Here I am with Starsky! Sorry, I mean Councillor Jahangir Hanif - the jacket threw me for a bit there ;-)

The BBQ / Garden Party - with Duncan Ross!

With my good friend Dr Duncan Ross - a fellow European candidate who's so great, I'd vote for him if I wasn't already voting for myself ;-)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bannockburn 2008

(1) Musicians
(2) Sean from Carluke
(3) Pipe Band
(4) My branch, Springburn
(5) Young Scots for Independence
(6) More YSI - as Jenny (middle) says "tellin' ye, yellow vests are IN this summer"!
(7) Carluke SNP
(8) Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister
(9) Sitting comfortably
(10) Going against the flow - or just trying to get away from Angus?
(11) An attentive audience for Nicola.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Birthday Boy

Here he is - the fresh faced Alex / Sandy who went on to live with me for 16 years AFTER I cut his hair into the style in pics 6 & 7. It was the 80s. He was drunk, I did not drink. And yet he did not like it. Indeed he chucked me outta his house into the pouring rain to express his horreur.That is until he realised what a trend setter I was and then he moved in with me! Anyway happy b-day!!

One of my all time favourite films

La famille McLaughlin circa 1973


The wheels on the bike go round and ... oops

Daniel appreciated my assistance when his chain came off - he fixed the bike, I took the pics!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

In the European Parliament with Ian Hudghton MEP

Shepherd's Delight

Indygal and the Main Man!

Brussels - SNP night out

Left to right - Ian Hudghton MEP, Lily Hudghton, Alyn Smith MEP, Aileen McLeod, moi, Lachie Muir!